The B10 Capital Team

The B10 team is diverse and inclusive. We don’t care about who is right, we only care about what is right. We focus on creating relationships of mutual respect and trust. Work to simplify sophisticated tax and financial innovations in an effort to make the accessible to those that need them most.



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Don Steeves

Chief Executive Officer

B10’s founding Principal and CEO. He is often described as an “entrepreneurial CPA” and “The Tax Guy”. Don has undergraduate and graduate degrees in accounting and taxation, respectively, from Brigham Young University and has been a Certified Public Account (CPA) for nearly three decades. 

After earning his CPA license in 1997, Don spent his early career at Deloitte. Since then, he has purchased or founded and sold three companies and had his own CPA firm. In addition, he has been the CFO or Tax Director for several companies, including internationally, as he lived outside the United States for five years and speaks three languages.

Don enjoys traveling, spending time with family and friends, going to concerts, playing sports, watching sports, movies, reading, listening to music and podcasts, and pursuing investment opportunities.  Don has an unquenchable thirst for learning.

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Nate Bradshaw

Chief Operations Officer

Nate is adept at keeping the organization focused and is a key to the company’s incredible growth. Nate prioritizes quality product and client experience and is often involved in every aspect of new product and service offerings, including business development and sales, so that he can fundamentally understand how it works and how to improve it.

Nate has built multiple successful businesses, many of which have operated internationally,  and has shown a successful track record of scaling operations and teams. Nate focus’ on ensuring there is a quality experience between the right value-propositions to those in demand of that value. Nate is an avid investor who loves the creation process and seeing ventures grow. 

Nate loves to travel, spend time, and immerse himself in the culture of his many international friends. Nate has two separate bachelor’s degrees from Utah State University; one in Economics and another in Entrepreneurial Business Administration with a minor degree in International Business.

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Russ Westergard 

Chief Revenue Officer

Russ is a professional relationship guru and is always up for a friendly conversation with anyone about nearly anything. Having built successful sales distribution and support networks on a national scale, he has over twenty years of experience in sales and marketing management, business development and channel strategy. He is an experienced sales leader.

In addition to being a dedicated lifelong student, Russ has been an advisor and mentor to dozens of early stage companies and entrepreneurs. He loves to negotiate and works tirelessly to create win-win scenarios where interests align. Russ has a knack for connecting people who need each other and enjoys doing this in business. In college, he was responsible for setting up several blind dates that led to lasting marriages. 

Russ is a musical genius and can tickle the ivories with the best of them. He is a dedicated husband and father of four who loves good investments, sushi and golf. He has lived internationally and is fluent in 3 languages.

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Scott Stratton

Chief Legal Officer

Scott spends his time working to ensure seamless transactions and quality strategy fulfillment. Scott oversees the execution and delivery of B10’s financial innovation product lines. He received bachelor’s degrees from the University of Utah in Business Administration and Information Systems, later adding graduate degrees in Personal Financial Planning and a Juris Doctorate from Texas Tech University

Scott has been a successful financial planner and practicing attorney for nearly a decade with special focus on estate planning, wealth preservation and positive transaction outcomes. Scott has also never been known to shy away from a friendly debate. Scott is a proud husband and father and an accomplished multi-sport athlete. Scott has lived internationally and is fluent in 2 languages.

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Client Success Team

Duncan Glenn

VP, R&D Tax

Duncan earned his Master of Accountancy degree from Brigham Young University in Provo, Utah, a perennial top 3 accounting school in the U.S. During that time, he was mentored by many leaders in the field, including a world-class faculty who were engaged in regular consulting projects with the Big 4 accounting firms.


For his career, Duncan has over 10 years in the tax/accounting industries. Having also learned from the tutelage of two R&D experts with extensive Big 4 experience (Deloitte, Ernst & Young), Duncan has developed new and innovative ways to not only capture the necessary data for an R&D credit study, but also to enhance the experience for his clients while significantly minimizing the footprint on their day-to-day operations.

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Ginger Harris

Director of Strategic Partners

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Pete Cooper  

Senior Financial Consultant, Midwest 

Pete’s  many years in financial services and business strategy consulting provides clients of  B10 Capital with wisdom and a resource to help increase both profitability and peace of mind.

His primary role is to coordinate tax reduction strategies for owners of commercial real estate and other operating businesses that include Cost Segregation, the 45L Energy Efficient Tax Credit, the 179D Energy Efficient Commercial Building Deduction, 1031 exchanges, among others.

Pete's emphasis has been in real estate, real estate related businesses, healthcare, converting waste into renewable energy and other environmentally friendly technologies.

Pete enjoys his 9 grandchildren, golf and has a MBA from Marquette University, Milwaukee, Wisconsin and a BA in Economics from Ripon College in Ripon, Wisconsin

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Parrish Pellegrino

VP of Client Success

Through the long road he’s traversed starting in mean streets of New York City, to achieve C-suite level success in Corporate America, to the founding of multinational trade and consulting companies. Parrish has garnered the respect of global leaders through his high integrity, straightforward and relationship focused approach to business.  

While running the global consulting firm he formed, Parrish had the opportunity to lend his decades of experience in the areas of business development, sales, marketing , operational scaling, relationship and transaction management, conflict negotiation, as well as international finance to a wide array of companies spanning every continent.  

 Having created, run, or managed a host of global companies, ranging from national retailers, to manufacturing, tech & construction. Parrish brings a unique and diverse scope of expertise to the B10 organization, putting him in the ideal position to take the lead in ensuring our clients achieve the success and value we uncompromisingly strive to deliver.

On his down time Parrish can usually be found in the kitchen putting his culinary training to good use cooking huge spreads for his six children, family and friend, exploring new restaurants, woodworking, or adding more stamps to his brimming passport.

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Julianna Viegas

Regional Director, Texas

Julienna Viegas is Regional Director for  B10 Capital. Her focus is to gather the builders, creators, and producers and build a community that has access to B10 Capital's tax strategies.

Born and raised in Belgium with a background in International Relations and business development, Julienna has traveled the world and helped multiple startup companies launch and thrive in the US and abroad.

Julienna enjoys improving processes, connecting authentically with those around her, and she constantly seeks opportunities to serve

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John Ivie


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Lindsey Ivie


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Tara Anderson


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B10 Capital is a team comprised of credentialed legal, tax, finance, and business professionals. Members of the executive team sit on the board of the bank, chair the finance department at a university, have built and exited a successful technology company, and have worked on marketing campaigns with some of the world’s top brands.

The B10 team is diverse and inclusive. We don’t care about who is right, we only care about what is right. We focus on creating relationships of mutual respect and trust. Work to simplify sophisticated tax and financial innovations in an effort to make accessible to those that need them most.


B10 loves to partner with client-focused firms that share the same values. When I say client-focused, I mean that the priority of the firm is in truly improving the financial situation of its clients. A lot of firms talk about being focused on the priorities of the client, but their actions show they are focused on the priorities of the government. We respect, believe in, and uphold the law, but never lose sight of the fact that the government is supposed to work for the people.

The uniting mission of the B10 team is the desire to further the cause of those that build, create, and innovate. The B10 team has no problem with the paying of taxes, only with the needless overpaying of taxes when those dollars are most efficiently used in the hands of the world’s best and brightest creators.