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There is opportunity hidden in your finances.

With the right team, finding and building value around that opportunity is easy.

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Opportunity Exists in:


Your Business

Businesses are often the greatest source of missed opportunity. A wide variety of tax-related benefits are often qualified for, but not claimed by most businesses. Also, improvements to managerial-accounting practices can uncover hidden profitability, improved valuation, and opportunities to reduce expenses.


Your Assets and Investments

Maximizing the value of your assets and investments often comes down to understanding the tools available, and then holistically aligning your goals and objectives with those tools. Your goals will guide the structure, strategies, and action items to take, relative to your assets and investments.


Your Personal Finances

Just like opportunity is often missed at the business level, there are certain opportunities only available at the personal level that also often go unclaimed. Your goals and objectives also inform how to build your estate for your perfectly customized mix of asset protection, liquidity, legacy, and growth. 


Strategy and Planning Ahead

By a general rule, the longer ahead you can plan, the more opportunities and options you have. We help you get in the right cadence of knowing what to think about, when to think about it, and what actions you can take today to make big impacts in the future. 

The Opportunity Process



With the right documentation, we can identify and highlight for you how much value exists, and where it exists.



We outline the path to getting the most low-hanging-fruit cash and value into your hands, as quickly as possible. Then, we execute.



The right advanced strategy plan will always be built around your short-term, mid-term, and long-term goals and objectives. Now that you've seen some value, we're really ready to dive in.



The strategy will inform the structure. This phase is all about the plan, the process, and the execution. Collaboration with your other advisors leads to the best results.



As your goals, objectives, resources, assets, and life evolves and changes, the strategy and structure will also change to accommodate. 

The Opportunity Team

The B10 Team is comprised of the most talented, credentialed, and diverse; legal, tax, finance, and business professionals in the industry.

B10 is a unique and powerful organization that uses quiet confidence and insight to save money that would otherwise be lost... We have had a really great experience with B10 and feel that we are just getting started on the savings that are available to us.

Bryan Packham, Vibeonix



Financial Hospitality

We are the right team to find, and build value, around your opportunity. It would be our pleasure to serve you and to share with you a true financial-hospitality experience. Send us a message and we will respond right away. Please have an excellent day.

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