Our Mission

Many business owners will spend hours, days, or weeks working to reduce business expenses like insurance, utilities, payroll, etc., but they won’t spend ten minutes working to reduce their taxes. Most see taxes as an inevitability, a sunk cost, something that cannot be avoided but that business celebrities should be criticized for somehow avoiding.

The media is quick to condemn business celebrities for reducing or avoiding taxes but fail to point out that those individuals haven’t done anything illegal, or to share with you how those business celebrities have reduced or avoided their taxes.

Most of the time, the only thing separating you from utilizing the same strategies a billionaire uses is that you don’t have a bullpen of professionals exclusively focused on improving your situation. B10 aims to change that and allow all business owners access to top-shelf strategies.

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Our Strategies

Our strategies focus on legally, and defensibly, reducing, deferring, and mitigating income tax or capital gains tax liabilities. 

Income tax liabilities are offset with expenses and capital gains tax liabilities are offset with capital losses. All tax liabilities can be offset with tax credits. Effective tax strategies focus on how to legally, defensibly, and creatively use those tools to reduce, defer, and mitigate while also providing maximum liquidity.

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Our Goals

We work to compile, and build infrastructure for, the most creative, legal, and defensible strategies that are largely unknown or underserved. 

The bar for unknown and underserved is not very high either. We are constantly surprised by the amount of businesses that are eligible for, but are not claiming, Research and Development Tax Credits, 179D deductions, cost segregation benefits, strategic charitable contributions, and the list goes on.

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Our work

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B10 is a unique and powerful organization that uses quiet confidence and insight to save money that would otherwise be lost... We have had a really great experience with B10 and feel that we are just getting started on the savings that are available to us.
Bryan Packham
Bryan Packham
Founder, Prodia.ai
We would love to engage with the B10 Capital team again.
paxton gray-1
Paxton Gray
CEO, 97th Floor
B10 provided excellent service for us throughout our engagement. They were knowledgeable, communicative, and efficient... We would recommend B10 to anyone and everyone who is looking for a great tax strategy partner!
Jacob Hiller
Jacob Hiller
CEO, Intelitechs
These guys at B10 are the real deal.
Travis Cook
Travis Cook
Founder, Kahoa
I really feel like the B10 team 'gets' us.
Emily Kamburupitiya
Emily Kamburupitiya

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