A 20-minute phone call could lead to $250,000+ back from the IRS for your business.

If your business invests time and resources into product or process improvement, it is highly likely that it is eligible to (easily) claim possibly tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars in Research and Development (R&D) tax credits.

We don’t replace your accountant; we work with them to maximize, claim, and defend the credits you have legitimately earned and are entitled to.






What is the R&D Tax Credit?

In order to keep US businesses competitive and incentivize investment into continual improvement, Congress created the Research and Development (R&D) Tax Credit.

A tax credit is like an IRS gift card and provides a dollar-for-dollar decrease to the taxes you owe. Only one-third (1/3) of businesses that qualify for these tax credits actually claim them.

3 (1)

Your business likely qualifies 

Congress has expanded the R&D Tax Credit over the years to the point that almost all USA businesses qualify for some credit. That includes you.

Any business that invests resources into improvement is engaged in research and development activities. Our experts can uncover and identify these activities in your business. A 20-minute phone call with a B10 Capital expert CPA is all it takes to find out how much credit you are eligible for.


Expect a Higher Standard of AI

Some firms use Artificial Intelligence to calculate your credit, often leading to a lot of your money being left on the table in the process.

At B10 Capital, in addition to Artificial Intelligence, we use Actual Intelligence to calculate your credit. Humans bring a level of creativity and reasoning to the calculation process that computers are not capable of bringing.


Maximize Your Credit

Expect higher quality and value from your professionals and maximize the credit you’ve earned. Talk with an actual human R&D Credit specialist that has the credentials, experience, and specific training to maximize your credit today.


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Our Work

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B10 is a unique and powerful organization that uses quiet confidence and insight to save money that would otherwise be lost... We have had a really great experience with B10 and feel that we are just getting started on the savings that are available to us.
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Paxton Gray
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B10 provided excellent service for us throughout our engagement. They were knowledgeable, communicative, and efficient... We would recommend B10 to anyone and everyone who is looking for a great tax strategy partner!
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Jacob Hiller
These guys at B10 are the real deal.
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Travis Cook
I really feel like the B10 team 'gets' us.
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Emily Kamburupitiya


Expect More with B10 Capital


Free Audit Support: The IRS randomly audits some companies. If that happens to you, we will provide unlimited support in defending the credit we helped you claim. We stand by our work.

B10 Capital Audit Guarantee: We will get you the most defendable credit possible or you don’t pay us anything.

Always Safe and Secure: All of the data you share is safe, secure, and encrypted with B10 Capital and will never be sold, rented, shared, or disclosed to any third party.


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